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Lasik Surgery

   - CustomVue
      - CustomVue and IntraLase Advantage
   - IntraLase
      - IntraLase All-Laser No-Blade LASIK Surgery Flap Creation
   - Vision Care Glossary
      - Glossary of Lasik Surgery Medical Terms
   - Vision Technology
      - Glossary of Lasik Surgery Technology Terms
   - What To Expect
      - What to Expect Before, During and After Lasik Surgery at Cascade Eye and Skin

Meet Our Staff

   - Lasik Surgeons
      - Keith Dahlhauser, M.D., F.A.C.S.
      - Steven M. Brady D.O.
   - Optometry
      - Rikk J. Schlaffman, O.D.


      - Barbara Ormiston - Re/Max Realtor
      - Craig Marshall - Re/Max Managing Broker
      - Darrell's iLASIK Expereience at Cascade Eye and Skin Centers
      - Haley's iLASIK Experience at Cascade Eye and Skin Centers
      - Joanne P.
      - Landon Carr - Lasik Surgery Patient Testimonial
      - Lee Ann Kooley - Partner at Day Island Boatworks
      - Martin Peterson: Gig Harbor Lasik Patient
      - Matt Johnson - Lasik Surgery Patient: It was a really good choice for me...
      - Melissa Cobain: I wish I would have done this fifteen years ago.
      - Mike Drake - Head Golf Pro at Canterwood Country Club
      - Pam's iLASIK Experience at Cascade Eye and Skin Centers
      - Tim Mason: I really wouldn't call it surgery since it was so easy and painless.
      - Tom Gross - Colonel, USAF, Retired: To see, without fumbling around for my coke bottle lenses

Vision IQ

   - Astigmatism
      - Astigmatism
   - Farsightedness
      - Farsightedness (Hyperopia)
   - How Vision Works
      - How vision works
   - Nearsightedness
      - Nearsightedness (Myopia)
   - Presbyopia
      - Presbyopia