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Glossary of Lasik Surgery Medical Terms

Astigmatism is blurry vision produced by football-shaped corneas, which are too steep in one place and too flat in another. Astigmatic corneas focus light in two different places in the eye, making both near and distance vision a problem.

Best corrected visual acuity (BCVA)
The best possible vision a person can achieve with corrective lenses measured in terms of Snellen lines on an eye chart.

The transparent front segment of the eye that covers the iris, pupil and anterior chamber, providing most of the eye's optical power. This is the part of the eye reshaped by laser vision correction.

A measurement of the degree to which light converges or diverges; also a measurement of lens refractive power.

'The Fingerprint of Your Vision'
Because no two eyes are alike, each eye has a unique map, or fingerprint. 'The Fingerprint of Your Vision' defines unique ch... Read More

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