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IntraLase All-Laser No-Blade LASIK Surgery Flap Creation

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Speed, Precision, Safety, and 100% Blade-Free Lasik Surgery. Science proves it. Surgeons swear by it. Patients want it. Harbor Lasik / Cascade Eye and Skin, P.C. is the only group in Pierce County offering this cutting edge technology!

The degree of accuracy achieved by the IntraLase Laser is unprecedented in flap creation technology. Peer-reviewed studies and nearly 1,000,000 clinical cases demonstrate the elimination of the most serious sight-threatening complications and prove that the IntraLase Method™* leads to faster, more precise, safer, and better LASIK outcomes.

Creating the flap from the inside out
The IntraLase FS laser uses infrared light to precisely cut tissue by a process known as photodisruption. The specialized software that supports the IntraLase laser directs the process of focusing the laser beam into a tiny, 2-3 micron spot of energy. The beam passes harmlessly through the outer layers of the cornea until it reaches its exact focal point within the stroma.

Upon reaching this focal point, the beam forms microscopic bubbles of carbon dioxide and water vapor. Thousands of these bubbles are placed at a precisely controlled depth to define a dissection plane. Using the rapidly fired IntraLase laser and interconnecting the bubbles very tightly creates a corneal flap with remarkable precision and accuracy.

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